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Blockchain development and consulting, web development, data science and cognitive technology.

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What is Blocksize?

Blocksize is a Blockchain and web development company. Developing, researching & designing projects for the crypto and blockchain industry.

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Get the data you need with blockchain analytics

  • We research and build models for blockchain technology projects, protocols and apps

  • We build & develop apps and interfaces for crypto and blockchain projects

Our Services

Blocksize is offering solutions and products for the web 3.0 era. Our passion is to build and design beautiful interfaces & apps for the emerging crypto and blockchain market.


We tweak your interfaces to the maximum with a user-centric approach.

Reasearch &

Passionate we develop dApps and Smart contracts on Ethereum

Trading for

We build custom tools, products and automated software for traders.


We prepare you and your business for the upcoming crypto-economy

Education &

The industry is difficult to understand. Learn all the new paradigms.


We provide 24/7 support for our customer and companies around the globe

A smart and secure way to jump in the blockchain and crypto industry

A reliable partner is key! Blocksize is the wingman your the pilot. Let’s fly and build cool stuff.

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